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Sunday, February 6, 2011

H. R. Giger

Hans Rudolf Giger, better know just as H. R. Giger is a Swiss artist, his paintings and sculpture and set designs are world renowned. The image to the left is Giger with two of his sculptures. Giger's work is dark, the imagery usually leaves a viewer feeling that his subjects are in a permanent state of agony, twisted in and out of bio-mechanical cables and wires, usually with objects protruding out out of the subjects, or into them.

Giger has done work for some famous musicians, including Jonathan Davis, the lead singer of the band KoRn. Giger made a custom microphone stand for Davis, which he uses on tours. Pictured below and to the right is Jonathan Davis with Giger's beautiful mic. stand, using the form of a woman which the microphone then bends out from the mid of her skull. Her elongated form made from aluminum, makes a beautiful and delicate form, one that suggests strength as well as feminine beauty.

Giger is most famous for his work on the movie Aliens, which  he won an Academy Award for Best Achievement for Visual Effects for his work. The image on the left is his design for the movie.

Most of the work that I love that Giger has done is his work with the imagery of the biomechanical. The combination of organic and machinery fills his work with amazing detail, monochromatic coloring choices force the viewer to actually look within the detail of the image instead of being distracted by color choices. Many of the subjects in his work deal with life and death, or being pained, sexually erotic, or all of them at once. A lot of his work is deemed as pornographic because of his use of sexual organs, which at one point led to an obsenity trial when he did a painting titled 'Landscape XX' for a poster insert in a Dead Kennedy's album titled Frankenchrist.

 The remaining images below are just a small examples of the beauty of Giger's work and the variety of his talent in creating such different and wonderingly surreal pieces. To find out more about Giger's work go to his website.   


  1. These sculptures are fantastic. The scifi and grotesque being combined makes for a great composition especially in the 3D. The level of detail gives it an even more eerie feeling. I think that these are great. I'd like to see them in person sometime.

  2. How to make a man a man that would appeal to such images. "Everything I found stated by HR Giger is beyond the understanding of man. It is obvious that a man is nothing but a bag of genes and putrefied since they entered training. The dark side that takes people in everything I do is concerned with such existential images of sexual acts dirty. Mr. HR Giger realize that collective mind what you are dirty. It does not hurt you directly but through how to use these images in "kinds" of concerns absurd. Create real value of what you can not see, understand and feel than you. Thank you.