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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Zombie Game

Well, here is a link to a Concept for a short computer game about the Zombie Apocalypse. I wrote the script, then used Dream Weaver to connect the scenes together in a story board kind of way. Take a look at it would you? Thanks :)  Click HERE.


Sunday, April 10, 2011

Luke Chueh

 Luke Chueh is considered a pop surrealist painter. He uses a range of animal characters, mainly a white bear, as his subjects. He studied Graphic Design at California Polytechnic State University. As he was going to school he worked for Ernie Ball, the guitar manufacturing company as an illustrator and designer, which how amazing is that? Working at Ernie Ball while in college? Chueh pulled a lot of inspiration for his work from his experiances from childhood. Chueh grew up in Fresno, where he came across intolerance to his heritage being Chinese-American. This, being part of his inspiration, inspired the unique combination of his pieces. The cuteness of a style like Hello Kitty, with the seedy macabre. The juxtaposition screams at you, but in a fluffy, heart string pulling kind of way. Big squishy looking teddy bear, pulling out his eyes and driving screws into empty eye sockets. Ya know, it's like the femme fatal, kinda, but Fluffy Fatal instead.
 Although a lot of Chueh's work does have joking undertones, a lot of his pieces have a seriousness to them which considering the style he is known for, and subject matter, strikes strong emotion in the viewer. I'm in love with the way Chueh can pull off this combination of 'deep' and still maintain the style of a children's cartoon or coloring book, yet it has more depth to it then that. I find it a bit hard to just label Chueh as anything but brilliant. I could honestly just talk about the amazing way he paints, and combines styles for about 15 pages. But I won't bore you with my half-educated art mutterings.  His style is remarkable, and each painting done in a color background, with the subject center stage, simplicity and complicated line work, each work is this style. I still love every one of his pieces! WHO can do that?! Luke Chueh, that's who.
 I can't help but make up my own narrative about his work. Each painting begs for a story to be told about it. Most of his works can have quite a bold statement, but in my own little art world, I like making up my own backgrounds about his characters. It makes me wonder if the guys who created 'Happy Tree Friends' were inspired by Chueh.

I just can't get over Chueh's style.

It makes me incredibly happy that artists like him make it in the art world. He has had ten, TEN solo shows in California alone. He also has vinyl toys made of his works, produced my Munky King.  Which I highly suggest looking through their website, vinyl toys are pretty much my favorite form of sculpture, and yes, I classify them as sculpture.

 SO my fellow art lovers. I am going to leave you to a few of Chueh's pieces with out my highly caffeinated words flowing around the edges of each of his works. So you may look at their amazing combination of cute, cuddly, disgusting, fluffy, bloody, disturbing, awakening, self-inflicting, adorable work of Luke Chueh! Enjoy!!
 Hey wait a moment, before you go, you can find Luke Chueh's website here, an interesting little tid-bit about him here, provided by GelaSkins. Also here is an interview Chueh did with LAWEEKLY here, and an interview he did with Daily DuJour here. All of which I suggest you take a gander at. Thanks for stoppin' by!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

David Stoupakis

David Stoupakis is a surrealist pop artist out of New York, his work often called Gothic painting, for obvious reasons. He is inspired by Edgar Allan Poe, Heinrich Hoffmann, Lewis Carol, Grimm's Fairy Tales, and the Wizard of Oz. One can see the imagination Stoupakis has with his ability to paint in almost photo realism with amazing skill. His paintings cram the mind full of color and detail. His work leaves the viewer to decipher the detail in the scene that is laid out before them into a story.

For me, Stoupakis's work puts story telling on a pedestal. I love that you can recognize bits of fairy tales you were told as a child come to visual life in his work. It puts a whole different spin on the characters of each piece, some in turmoil, others depicted as omnipotent beings of their paint world, some just innocently attending the scene. The children in his work are phenomenal. The expressions on their faces seem foreign yet fit so well, since it's rare to see such expressions in children. It's an awing, creepy, beautiful, fantasy driven world of which he has been kind enough to share with all of us.

 This here painting to the left is one of my favorites Stoupakis has done. The red ribbon makes appearances in a lot of his work. In an interview he did with HI-FRUCTOSE magazine, he says that this ribbon is inspired by the children's story of the woman with a ribbon tied around her neck, and when her lover can't resist, he pulls the ribbon off and her head comes rolling off her shoulders. I love the representation he places within the ribbon. Children stories meant to teach us all values come into his work and have the same tell tale value, in a more direct and honest light, it's a bit satirical to me. But this is just how I read into his wonderlands.

 You can find David Stoupakis's website here. Also, a look at some of his newer work being featured at the Corey Helford Gallery here. As well, an interview with him here, which I highly recommend reading. A profile on of his here. And lastly I'm going to throw in his Wikipedia page just for kicks.

SO I hope you enjoy David Stoupakis as much as I do. He makes art worth loving. Have a wonderful week!

Website Design

Here's a website I designed. This is the first time having ever designed a site, so I'm sure I have a lot to learn about design and site making. But here it is. The American Pit Bull Terrier , check it out!