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Sunday, March 27, 2011

The Vader Project

 The Vader Project. Who doesn't love Darth Vader? Who doesn't love 100 Darth Vader Helmets that have been modified by 100 different artists? I'm gonna say no one. Dov Kelemer and Sarah Jo Marks had an amazingly wonderful idea to pull artists into the Darth Vader Helmet and see what came out. The show traveled through 2007 into 2010, where there was an auction held to sell the masks. I'm going to start a slow clap in appreciation for Kelemer and Jo Marks for making a fun art show for everyone. Plus, it's Star Wars, I mean, you can't really beat out a Star Wars art show.

  SO, here are some shots of individual helmets that were made. I highly suggest going to this website and looking at all of the helmets. And also LA Weekly did an article about The Vader Project. And you can also check out the list of artists involved and order a copy of the auction magazine, or a book including all the photos of the helmets from The Vader Project's website by clicking here.  Enjoy the show.   

Monday, March 14, 2011

Glenn Barr

Glenn Barr is a pop art surrealist painter located in Detroit. His work has the look of the old mystery novel book covers, and comic book art. His work is soon to be showing at the 323 East Gallery in Detroit. Barr's work has been featured in Juxtapoz magazine, Hi Fructose magazine twice, Mad Magazine, DC comics, Paradox Press and used to work for the cartoon Ren and Stimpy. Barr also makes artist toys, and has had two books of his artwork published, Haunted Paradise and Sparrow #8.

Barr's work takes the viewer to a past era where tough men and gangsters are on every corner. His work also brings you into his own imagination, a world he has set fiendish characters and scenes. But above all is Barr's amazing talent as an artist. Plain and simple. His style has the ability to use influence from the world of hard lined comics, mixed with soft painterly strokes. It amazes the eye and mind in which each piece of work he does creates a situational story, where you are awaiting what happens next.

Here are a few more of his works, and make sure to check out his website, found here.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Adam Wallacavage

 Adam Wallacavage is a phenomenal artist of many talents. Adam sculpts, does photography, and interior design. His most known work is his ongoing series of octopus chandeliers. Each one is a beautiful array of color and light. Each chandelier is unique, and they run from smaller wall pieces, such as the one pictured on the left, or very large ceiling mounted monsters. 

Adam has stated that one of his main influences was Charles Addams, whom created The Adams Family. Because of this influence, he has used his interior design skills and renovated his home with elaborately themed rooms. Some containing huge molding, which compliments the style of his chandeliers.

Adam's photography ranges from portraiture, stunts, jokes, novelty items, and more. He has a book titled Monsters Size Monsters, which he compiled and in it showcases his ability to photograph anything, in a style that is all his own.

He has artwork showing right now at the Jonathan LeVine Gallery in New York.

One of the main reasons I completely love Adam's work is his amazing imagination. In the art world today there are a lot of pieces that are very conceptual, or just shapes and bland colors, which is all very well. Yet, Adam's art stands out against all contemporary art and, it still stands out brilliantly. His technique, craft, and multiple talents make him one of my very favorites of contemporary artists.

Adam has done an interview with SWINDLE magazine, Back Talk with Juxtapoz magazine, and here is another Juxtapoz exert interview from the April 2007 issue. Adam has a Blog, which he updates frequently with photographs, and random bits of his own experiences. All of these I strongly recommend taking a look at!

 So here I will leave you, to hopefully look into Adam Wallcavage's art work if you haven't already, and be as inspired and impressed as I am in his amazing pieces and talents!