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Monday, March 14, 2011

Glenn Barr

Glenn Barr is a pop art surrealist painter located in Detroit. His work has the look of the old mystery novel book covers, and comic book art. His work is soon to be showing at the 323 East Gallery in Detroit. Barr's work has been featured in Juxtapoz magazine, Hi Fructose magazine twice, Mad Magazine, DC comics, Paradox Press and used to work for the cartoon Ren and Stimpy. Barr also makes artist toys, and has had two books of his artwork published, Haunted Paradise and Sparrow #8.

Barr's work takes the viewer to a past era where tough men and gangsters are on every corner. His work also brings you into his own imagination, a world he has set fiendish characters and scenes. But above all is Barr's amazing talent as an artist. Plain and simple. His style has the ability to use influence from the world of hard lined comics, mixed with soft painterly strokes. It amazes the eye and mind in which each piece of work he does creates a situational story, where you are awaiting what happens next.

Here are a few more of his works, and make sure to check out his website, found here.


  1. I've always loved art, but know little about art. I know all of this sounds like a contradicting statement. This sounds stupid, but I didn't know about pop art surrealism. When I think of pop art, I think of Andy Warhol. I really like style of Glenn Barr. He has a retro and subtle dark tone depicting femme fatales. I also really like how you write about art. Just thought you should know. :)

  2. So glad to see others have the same taste of artists as myself his work at DC and figures always catches my eye.