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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Zombie Game

Well, here is a link to a Concept for a short computer game about the Zombie Apocalypse. I wrote the script, then used Dream Weaver to connect the scenes together in a story board kind of way. Take a look at it would you? Thanks :)  Click HERE.



  1. That was an awesome game! I'm really into zombies and all of the information (according to the zombies survival guide) are correct! I enjoyed playing. Maybe if you had a little color in it it would be more exciting but it would be a cold dark world with zombies in it so it is pretty appropriate.

  2. Great game! Clear and to the point with no run around. I would play this game if they made one like it. Yay! Zombie games!

  3. You've provided thoughtful commentary and great resources for learning more about these artists as you've blogged over the semester. I can see some of these influences in your work in the BFA show--the gas mask pieces were strikingly presented with an intriguing blend of humor and absurdity.