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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Victor Horta

Victor Horta is another main artist in the Art Nouveau movement. Horta's use of organic forms and strong use of contour and seemingly delicate structures inspired me to become a sculptor. His designs and buildings make me wonder why living spaces didn't continue to be built in the Art Nouveau fashion after Horta created his magnificent buildings.

This cast door bell is a perfect example to Horta's attraction to organic shape and the influence of foliage.

 The stairs on the right are inside of the Hotel Tassel, which is now The Victor Horta Museum. Horta's use of the vine organic shape creates so much intricate detail with out crowding, or being too gaudy.

Can you imagine being lucky enough to have stayed in such a striking place?! There would be so much art built right into the very hotel to look at, I don't think I would have ever left the building my entire stay!
 This photo is another picture of the inside of the Museum. The curved mirror creates an infinity effect, making the design of the ceiling quite fanciful.
Victor Horta had such a sense of organic structure and brought the wonder and awe from the world of nature indoors with his architecture and design.  He will always remain one of my most favorite artists!


  1. Horta's work is amazing. To actual go and interact with it is one of my favorite parts of my trips to France. Each metro station having its own identity and yet being so well done is something you just need to see for yourself.

  2. Thanks for the comment! I like your blog a lot. I've always had this appreciation and love for going to art museums. Yet, I still don't know much about art. There is always more to learn. I used to wonder who created those Metro entrances and now I know. I am now a fan of Victor Horta. I need to go look him up an art nouveau.

  3. It is an experience for sure in France. There is a lot of innovative art being produced there

  4. ooopsies, Horta didn't did the Paris Métro. it was Hector Guimard, another genius (who was inspired by Horta).

  5. THank you for the correction! I fixed the mistake. :)