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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Thomas Keeley

 Thomas Keeley is an illustrator and a found object sculpture artist. His work is concept driven, wanting the viewer to take time and think about their own interpretation of his pieces. He doesn't title his work, it leaves the viewer free to pause and think about each piece. I love the simplicity of his objects, the subtle changes to them that create a whole volume of thought driven concept is what I enjoy most from Keeley's work.

 Finding any more of his work is a challenge. I did find a Juxtapoz Magazine which contained his February 2009 interview, in which he reveals that his love of creating artwork has been what pushed him to the levels he has reached. He gives advice to graduating art students to not give up and start working just for money, consequently adding to no time for their own artwork. I was impressed by his relaxed way of answering interview questions, his sense of humor and nonchalant attitude.

Here is an interview he did with, a website dedicated to inspiring artists. Woosta is an interview based website, which lists artists and their interviews they have done with the site. It's a great pick me up sometimes when your having an art block, or need some 'feel goods' relating to your art.

I'll leave you to gander at the last few images with out my rambling. The Panda and the T-Shirts pieces are my very favorite of his. Let's hope to see some more work from Thomas Keeley soon. Enjoy!


 Keeley is found Here, Here, and Here, being featured or interviewed, or his own site.

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  1. Really like the shirts! It kind of reminds me of Little Monsters. I'm not sure if he uses a specific reason for the colors he has choosen but, this would be a pretty cool artist for cromophobia!